More overview

The overview enables full visibility which horses are scheduled where and at what time.

Convenient simple and practical

No more texting, emailing or phone calls. On your mobile phone insight into occupation and the ability to schedule a reservation. User-friendly and entirely contemporary.

No more waiting

It's easy to schedule a lesson. Or a paddock for your horse. Book at home or on the go and you can come to the stables when you have time.

What is the Paddock Planner?

Paddock Planner is a new easy-to-use booking system for horse stables so the entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about these reservations anymore. Customers can schedule their horses for all of the services offered by the stable.

Convenient simple and practical. Transparent and clear. Customers can plan at home through their computer or mobile phone and have full visibility of the availability of for example, the paddocks, step mills, lessons and any other services.

User-friendly, practical and fashionable.

Paddock Planner is flexible

Paddock Planner has several features that you configure as you wish.

Opening and closing hours

From what time to what time can horses be scheduled? This is to schedule per service.

Maximum time per horse

How long can a horse be in the paddock a day? Or how long can a horse be in the step mill?

Repeat schedule's

Maximum number of days to plan ahead

What are the numbers of days people can plan ahead? It wouldn't be fair if someone would schedule for the whole year.

Different services

Do you have lessons, paddocks, step mills or other services? You can use the paddock planner for all services that you can think of.

And more


The responsibility that we, as humans, have for the wellbeing of horses is big. In the wild they determine everything themselves. In the stable they are depending on people and how we organize life for them. They have their daily needs of freedom and movement.

- Jeffrey van Ham -

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For each stable, large or small, an appropriate price.

All accounts come with

  • Repeat schedule's
  • Activity logbook per day
  • Online support
  • A secure connection
  • Daily back-up

Number of horses


(Per month)
Try 2 months for free

* All subscriptions apply for a year. All prices exclude 21% VAT. The trial period lasts for 2 months and can be extended without obligation during or after this period.


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